Our Story

The Canna Brothers Distribution story is about family; a brotherhood on a quest to help the people they love with pure products that are held to the highest standards.

The Canna Brothers Distribution story is about family; a brotherhood on a quest to help the people they love with pure products that are held to the highest standards.

In 2018, Nick Brubaker started Canna Brothers after years of having worked in the service industry. That experience had given him a good vantage point from which to observe one fact: it really all comes down to relationships. When you truly care about your customers, you want them to have the best.

When members of his immediate family became seriously ill with afflictions that he believed CBD could help, Nick realized his dream of founding a CBD company.

A message from our founder, Nick Brubaker:

“We started Canna Brothers Distribution to help people…I’ve seen my family suffer too much, and I had to do anything I could to help alleviate suffering. My brother was diagnosed with terminal brain spinal cancer about four years before I started the business, I lost my grandfather to cancer, and right after high school lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Watching what they had to experience was so traumatic for my family that I started to research, to really dive into these different cannabinoids and see how they’ve benefited people. I learned that different cannabinoids combine to create an entourage effect inside of the body. Because I have severe anxiety and a gut problem as well, I started experimenting on myself with different CBD formulations. I found that I was not only having decreased anxiety, but my hiatal hernia was getting better. It was amazing – a real eye-opener for me as I was taking different medications and nothing was really helping.

So that’s really where all this started. My grandfather was such an important part of my life, and he didn’t really have the opportunity to use medication, it was illegal. What kind of quality of life could he have had at the end if he had had this? How could it have been different for him? I just had to be a part of whatever is happening, because on this front, because I didn’t want to see people in pain anymore. My brother is another reason that I’m driven to do this work. I worry every day about losing him, and it just really drives me every day to continue doing what I do.

I believe increating a brotherhood between people, a bond. So I try to create a family feel around the business, and to make people feel like they’re a part of something. So when people buy and purchase from us, we want to say thank you so much for turning to our products. Welcome to the family.”

In addition to providing a wide array of CBD products, Canna Brothers offers a menu of services to the hemp industry.

Honoring the Past

Hemp and CBD have long histories of being beneficial to humankind. Canna Brothers honors and respects that heritage, and we’re humbled to be part of it.

Maximizing the Present

We believe the partnership between humanity and cannabis has only just begun. At Canna Brothers, we’re passionate about working with the plant to help it yield its greatest benefits.

Looking to the Future

CBD is not a trend. It’s not going anywhere, and neither are we. Canna Brothers will continue to bring you quality CBD products. You can rely on us.

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Canna Brothers Distribution crafts our own products with full-spectrum cannabinoids and pure oils, and without artificial ingredients. Our product line includes gummies, tinctures, topicals, and vape cartridges for humans and tinctures for pets – because they’re family, too.

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